Cicaman: The Car-Painting Nazi-Desaturating Superhero With Big Guns

Due to a foreboding Moon language, on most days Hungarian art is for domestic use only. Not Cicaman, a lovable acid romp of simple English, alien snails and Nazi nukes.


Launched barely a month ago in January, Cicaman (“Pussycat Man”) chronicles the adventures of its eponymous mutant feline superman who drinks radioactive beer and battles molluskan aliens. Not to mention the Mutant Pixelated Nude Woman of the SS, followed by the very nuclear Power Golem.

Created by the madly talented Etele Illés, the rail-thin chief designer of Hungarian news portal, new episodes are published on most weekdays on Illés’s blog Gyík-Ember! (“Lizard-Man!”) under cicaman.


It’s all there from Cicaman’s genesis (“Easy life with aliens no problems at all! Happy kitten in the water,” as the author puts it) to his battles with the Nazi aliens and his Homeric move of turning aliens into pigs in the manner of Circe of The Odyssey.

Now that the Nazis are mostly dealt with, perhaps Cicaman will have more time to paint flame-adorned Day-Glo cars.


Art: Etele Illés

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