If you thought the Ford Mustang was a fine car, just not quite Italian enough, you'll probably get all weepy when the company unveils a new Giugiaro-designed concept car at the Los Angeles show. (That is, unless you think Lambo doors are just too Italian.) The design house smoothed out the Mustang's retro design, giving it a more modern, sleeker look — which some might assume hearkened the next-gen model, set for 2010. But Ford execs will likely say this is purely a styling exercise, not an augur of what's to come. The concept also gets the GT's 4.6-liter V8, supercharged and tweaked by Ford Racing to get in the range of 500 hp. We'll see more during the LA press preview days tomorrow and Thursday.


[via Autovisie]


Spy Photos: Giugiaro Mustang Coming to Los Angeles Show

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