Oh boy, these "Retro Car Wars" are on! Jason "Mad Man" Vines, PR chief for "The Chrysler Group" has a retort to "Maximum" Bob Lutz's earlier backhand to the PT Cruiser. Here's what Vines had to say:

To quote Maximum Bob, 'it's just sad.'

Normally, we have great respect for General Motors Vice Chairman Bob Lutz. But lately, he seems to be preoccupied with us in Auburn Hills.

Just a few weeks ago, for no apparent reason, Lutz took a shot at Bob Nardelli, the CEO of The New Chrysler. As we've said, Bob Nardelli will bring a fresh set of eyes to the company. But Lutz dismissed his hiring as a bias against Detroit auto executives who are "under-educated Midwestern idiots."

Then on Thursday, while at the Woodward Dream Cruise introducing the 2008 Chevrolet HHR SS, Lutz took a swipe at the newest special edition Chrysler PT - the 2008 Chrysler PT Cruiser Sunset Boulevard Edition.Cruiser.

He called the HHR SS "the real deal" and "not some special edition".

Hmmm....he seems to forget that the 'real deal' HHR is described by pundits as a copy of the PT Cruiser. Not to mention that GM recruited the designer of the PT Cruiser to style the HHR. Or that Chrysler has been showing special editions at the Woodward Dream Cruise for years, long before GM.

What's next from Lutz?

Sounds like he needs to talk out his anxieties. To hear his nervous chatter, you'd think WE'RE the one that is about to pass GM in total sales.


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