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Although we're excited to see the new 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 at the Detroit Auto Show next month, there's not much more to show from the show from "The New Chrysler." I mean, it's hard to get all excited about Vines-free press reveals of three enviro-friendly concepts. Well, you can color us excited again. Meet Rosemary Vivian-Sturr who according to Chrysler's Firehouse, the automaker's media-only password-protected blog, she'll be on display one of the "floor presenters" in Detroit next month. But we're told things have changed since Vivian-Sturr first started on the auto show circuit back in the 1980s. That's right, she tells us it's not just a pretty face that matters these days. Nope, now they have to know their "stuff."

"In 1989, to audition to be an auto show product specialist, it was 'read your half-page of script and we'll call you in two weeks.' Now it's more like a job interview. You really have to know your stuff."

Also, she gets sore feet sometimes. Apparently high heels aren't fun to stand around in during 14-hour-long days. Who knew? By the way — word of advice to whoever may be taking over Jason's role at Chyrlserberus — if you have to feature Ms. Vivian-Sturr as a pre-canned story the month before the world's largest and most influential auto show, it's probably not a good sign. UPDATE: To be fair, Chrysler's not talking about Detroit Auto Show reveals and product right now. We mean, unless they're asking people to take pictures of product down.