Chrysler UConnect Will Find Your Car, Get Directions From Your Phone

Chrysler's UConnect is one of the best systems from a domestic automaker. It's not pretty, but it gets the job done with quick responses and a simple UI. Now it's finally get a few features to bring it up to par with the competition.


Chrysler announced a few new services for UConnect along with an updated smartphone app to tie it together at CES.

The system now features a vehicle finder that remembers where you parked and can provide directions on your phone and sound the horn. Users can send destinations to their car from their phone or computer, and a new monthly vehicle health report and alert system keeps drivers up to par with how the mechanicals are doing and when service needs to be performed.

The update will be pushed out to cars in the first half of this year, but unfortunately it's only available for certain 2015 models.

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Wait - you have to use their app on your phone, "send" the destination to the car, and then UConnect does the navigating for you. How exactly is that progress? Most systems have had something like this for a while, but it still requires (a) that you buy the UConnect system WITH navigation (so you pay tons of money for a feature that's much worse than what you already have on your smartphone at no extra cost thanks to Google Maps) and (b) that you have a data connection for your car (so you pay tons more money for a service you're already paying for - cellular data).

Real progress would be to just let your smart phone provide the data connection and the Google Maps (or navigation map of your choice) navigation, and let it beam that to the screen and speakers in the car. Just to beat a dead horse and all that.