Chrysler puts owner's manual on DVD

Chrysler says it is the first automaker to free up the glove box by putting the hefty owner's manual in DVD form.

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If Chrysler was smart, they would allow the DVD to be played in the Navigation slot of cars that are so-equipped. This way instead of having to go inside to look up which fuse you blew, you could at least do it in the car. I sincerely hope that 80page booklet has all the common info actually needed (i.e. fuse locations, tire specs etc.), otherwise the conversion of the owners manuel to DVD will be their stupidest idea since the design of the Sebring. Owners, who actually work on their cars, need the information at their fingertips. Therefore, its hard to beat a normal manuel. If I now have to go inside to look up something, thats needless and annoying.