Chrysler kills Ohio dealership "Imported From Toledo" spin-off

Illustration for article titled Chrysler kills Ohio dealership "Imported From Toledo" spin-off

Pumped up like only local car dealers can get, the braintrust of Jeep salesmen in the greater Toledo area came up with their own spin on Chrysler's "Imported from Detroit" tagline: "Imported from Toledo." But now Chrysler wants to spike it.


Jeep dealer Ralph Mahalak, Jr., announced last week that he would print up 600 of the "Imported from Toledo" T-shirts and sell them for $19.41 each as a promotion for 2011 models. Other Wrangler enthusiasts also arranged for a Toledo-built Wrangler with the slogan to appear at a Toledo Walleye minor-league hockey game.

But Chrysler has come down on Mahalak and others, saying tinkering with "Imported From Detroit" is verboten. As its lawsuit against Pure Detroit showed, Chrysler is being aggressive about defending the copyright of its most popular slogan in years — even if it means hurting the feelings of some of their own dealerships. Thanks Bob!


I copyrighted "Imported from Holland". If anyone else uses any tagline containing "Imported from ..." anywhere I'm gonna sue them. That's ridiculous.

Look out food manufacturers, Chrysler might be coming to get you too telling people in a tiny font, where their food came from.

What a bunch of tools. Chrysler should almost take this as a compliment as its only going to be a boost to Jeep sales and its fanbase.