In 2010, more than a dozen Chrysler workers were caught on camera drinking and possibly smoking some sweet, sweet Mary Jane during a lunch break.


Naturally, they were fired, because that's the sort of thing that you can't really do at work outside of Amsterdam these days. Now those party boys are back on the job.

Once they were fired for the negligent behavior, they filed a grievance and entered arbitration. For some reason, the arbitrator gave them their jobs back. As you might expect, Chrysler sounds pissed:

While [Chrysler] does not agree with the ultimate decision of the arbitrator, we respect the grievance procedure process as outlined in the collective bargaining agreement and our relationship with the UAW.

It sounds like the way the case was handled, possibly the undercover news investigation, was what swayed the arbitrator. The UAW got a big win here.

Chrysler's PR folks probably went over this with a fine-toothed comb to take out all the obscenities. America! Hard to believe Michigan is about to become a Right-to-Work State.


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