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Yet another strange-ass news mag we've never heard of out of Deutschland (but with a very Automotive News-like website) is reporting that the not-so-equal side of the merger-of-equals is playing games with private equity. They believe Magna International may be the only bidder the German-American hybrid's interested in selling the 'merican side off to. It's their belief the folks at Cerberus (now with Super Wolfgang Bernhard Potential!) and Blackstone may be nothing more than window dressing for the real talks with the Canadian auto supplier. As always, time will tell and as usual, the speculatin' sure is fun!

Exklusiv: Magna einziger Bieter für Chrysler [Automobilwoche via]

Chrysler Group Sales Speculation: UAW Mulls Chrysler Bid, CAW Says "Hell No!"; Chrysler Group Sales Speculation: Magna Confirms "Involvement"; Chrysler Group Sales Speculation: Some Guy In London Says Chance Of Chrysler Group Sale "Very Low" [internal]


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