Chrysler Group Is The New Chrysler, What's The New GM?

The one scoop no one caught on to yesterday was the name of the company that will succeed Chrylser, LLC. It's "Chrysler Group, LLC." We can assume a similar company will be needed for the company that will succeed General Motors. So the question is — what's the new GM?

The good assets of Chrysler, LLC are being bought by a newly-formed company — what everyone up until this point has been calling "NewCo." That "NewCo" now has a name, one we finally saw for the first time in yesterday's press release announcing the appointment of it's new chairman, C. Robert Kidder. The new company is called "Chrysler Group, LLC." The website that corresponds with that name — — was just purchased yesterday. Any squatters out there want to pull up a chair on the next big automotive domain? What do you think it's going to be?


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