Chrysler A-Body With Truck Bed Poll: Valiantpage or Demonpage?

We've seen all manner of Ford and GM cars with truck beds added, but it's not so easy to find Chrysler cars that have been so equipped. In fact, the last one we saw here was the Chargepage. But now our eagle-eyed readers have spotted not one but two truck-bed-havin' Chrysler A-bodies for sale on eBay, and we need to know which one you'd rather have! First up is this '71 Dodge Dart Demon, which the seller calls a Demonino. Sure, it has no tailgate, but it does keep the Dart taillights. The other choice is this genuine factory '69 Dodge Valiant Ute, direct from Australia. Make the jump to have your say! Thanks to Yuri and LTDScott for the tips.


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