Chrome Rims Lead to Murder Suspects

Living in Chicago and hanging out with reporters on the metro beat, we hear more than our fair share of horrible stories, and the case of a homeless woman beaten to death by a couple of gangbangers ranks up there. That's why we were so glad to hear the alleged scumbags were hoisted by their own auto accessories. The two men involved were seen on tape driving a Chevy Tahoe with 22 or 24 in chrome rims, but that's not the reason they got caught.

Since there are many cars matching that description in Chicago, it would take a little bit of stupidity on the part of the criminals to close the case. Thankfully, these guys were morons. The police got a tip that someone was trying to sell a set of chrome rims matching the description because they were involved in a murder. Not only were they trying to sell the rims instead of just chucking them into Lake Michigan, they were giving the real reason why. Brilliant [SunTimes]


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