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Christian Von Koenigsegg's Factory Is A Nerd's Wonderland Of Speed

Christian Von Koenigsegg once told Swedish online magazine Nyheter 24 that he invested all of his family's money in the car company he started at age 22 in Angleholm, working eight years without a salary and seven at a paltry sum. Such is the life of an über nerd with a dream.


In this episode of Driven, J.F. Musial tours the Koenigsegg factory — housed at a former Swedish airbase — and gets a ride in an Agera R on foggy runway. Naturally, though, car nerds will lose their propellers over the insider's look at how a few awesome Swedes develop and build one of the most exotic sports cars in the world.

Pull up a big bowl of Corn Pops, crack open a Jolt Cola and enjoy.

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PyroHoltz f@h Oppo 261120

"...working eight years without no salary...