Chris Rock Will Take A Spin In A Miura On Seinfeld's New Show

What would Chris Rock think of the Lamborghini Miura? What would Sarah Silverman have to say about the Jaguar XKE? And what's it really like to drive David Letterman's supercharged V8 Volvo wagon?

These questions and more will be answered on the second season of Jerry Seinfeld's acclaimed web series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, which starts back up again next week.


The trailer looks to be a real hoot, with Seinfeld not only hanging out with all sorts of famous comedians, but also presumably explaining to them why classic cars are so awesome. I have a feeling that Porsche Carrera RS will win Seth Myers over, but I'm sure Don Rickles is the kind of guy who was already able to appreciate a classic Cadillac Eldorado.

The new episodes will be featured on starting Thursday, June 13, and new episodes will be posted every week through July 18. Count me in, this looks fun.

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