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Chris Harris is a lucky, lucky man. The Goodwood Members Meeting brought out everything from road-based race cars to vintage F1 and Le Mans racers. Not only did Chris get to race a Rover SD1 touring car from the era when touring cars were based on road cars, but he also got to drive in a race of all Porsche 911s.


Take a look at Part 1 of the stunning footage Harris captured from this event. The Goodwood Members' Meeting isn't just an exhibition for owners of expensive toys, but rather, a full-on vintage race.


In this installment of Chris Harris on Cars, Chris takes us inside the two cars he drove at the event and takes us through an astonishingly close Porsche race. When everyone is in nearly the same car, you know the racing is going to be incredible—even more so with a car as lovely as the Porsche 911.

Stay tuned for Part 2, which should be just as incredible as the first half. It doesn't matter what type of racing you're into. There's a good chance some of the cars will end up at Goodwood.

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