Chris Birch Is Disgustingly Talented At Throwing Around A KTM 1190

I just rented a KTM 990 for a weekend and thought I handled it pretty well through the hills and trails of the Mendocino forest and out to the coast. Then I watch Chris Birch flogging an 1190 Adventure through all the things and am once again confronted by the fact that I suck. Thanks Chris!

Birch, if you’re unfamiliar, is the 34 year old New Zealand enduro wunderkind who’s run in the Dakar Rally, claimed several national enduro championships, and has been teaching classes in his home country for the past decade.


Looks like I should book a trip to New Zealand to syphon off some of Chris’ skills.

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I can do must all of that on my Trail 110 (except the speed and wheelies). River crossings and steep stuff really doesn’t faze it. The mountain goat slowly soldiers on.