Chivalrous Driver Runs Over Gas Pump, Sends Mostly Naked Woman To Investigate

Shit happens when you party naked, as the old saying goes. You know it, I know it, and the owner of this Pittsburgh-area gas station certainly knows it now.

Proof of that lies in this blurry and semi-NSFW surveillance camera clip, posted to Reddit recently and apparently from the Mt. Oliver area of Pittsburgh, which shows an unknown car backing over the gas pump just before 5 a.m.

The ridiculous part is what happens next: The driver then dispatches a woman, apparently wearing a thong and little else, to scope out the damage. She does what any reasonable naked person would do in such a situation: checks things out briefly, makes sure the pump isn't on fire, and gets back in the car so they can jet before the cops show up.


I'd like to remind everyone that it's pretty damned cold in Pittsburgh right now, so I can't blame her for not sticking around.

Anyone have any guesses what happened here?

Hat tip to Patrick!

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