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Lacking a large supply of true military vehicles, rebels in Libya largely used trucks with improvised armaments as "technicals" instead. Some of these were Toyotas and Fords, but most were Chinese-built knockoffs of Toyotas and Fords.


Now a Chinese automaker whose trucks were used in the civil war is advertising the trucks as "Stronger Than War" at the Beijing Motor Show. Makes sense to us.


Zhongxing isn't the most popular Chinese automaker, but as CarNewsChina reports from the show, they've made the most of their specific trucks showing up on international news footage by building their display around it.

"Yup, that's another Zhongxing there, with a machine gun on the roof to kill. Brilliant marketing indeed," wrote CarNewsChina.

Former Libyan leader Moammar Gadaffi famously used Toyotas in what became known as the "Toyota War" against Chad. How do we know that wasn't just the work of some clever ad wizard at Toyota?

Photo Credit: CarNewsChina

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