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Sometimes things get out of hand at Nankai University. We're not talking drunken keggers or a herd of sheep on the quad, we're talking student led destruction of a shiny new Buick LaCrosse over a traffic incident. The broken English translation tells the tale of the big China-only Buick getting scratched by a bicycle in traffic, then the owner getting irate, then the students getting irate, then things getting out of control. Long story short, the LaCrosse ended up with a lot more than a scratch by the end of the night. Our favorite line of the whole story is:

Then we broke all the windows on the car and nearly ripped the car doors out. It was quite a scene. But the car was solidly built as the front window never came off.


There you go kids, GM quality at its finest. So if you need a car to put up with repeated window bashings from an angry mob of Chinese students, you know where to go. (h/t for Jesús) []

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