Illustration for article titled Chinese Porsche Driver Punished After Altering License Plate With Toothpaste

According to the China Car Times altering your license plate is a fairly common practice in the People's Republic, but we have to imagine most people aren't using toothpaste to do it.


Qingdao police pulled over a Chinese Porsche owner this past week when they noticed the sevens on the man's license plate didn't look quite right. Upon further inspection they noticed that what appeared to be sevens were actually number ones with toothpaste applied to alter them.

It was quickly revealed that the driver had good reason to try and disguise his true identity—he was only six points away from losing his driving license. Unfortunately for this toothpaste artist the discovery of his minty fresh modification to his license plate carried a $349 fine and added another six points to his driving record resulting in a loss of license.


[via Autoblog]

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