Chinese Cook Up Counterfeit Land Rover Evoque: The 'Land Wind'

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I’m sure the engineers at Land Rover’s Solihull HQ are simply overcome with “flattery” over being ripped off so hard by the Chinese Land Wind E32— a dead ringer for the Range Rover Evoque, down to the font on the tailgate.

CarNewsChina says Land Wind just applied for a patent on “their” design and hopes to sell the E32 at the end of this year for 120,000 yuan; about $20,000 U.S.


It’s going to pack a 2-liter turbo four-banger with 190 horsepower and transmission options of a six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic.

Hmm, the Land Wind actually sounds like a better deal than the original... but I’ll reserve judgement until I see the crash tests.

AutoBlog reached out to Land Rover to find out if they’d angrily dropped their monocles into their tea yet, but the Green Oval has been quiet so far.


Hat tip to Autoblog, images from CarNewsChina, Land Rover, “The Parent Trap”

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