Chinese Customs Seizes Smuggled $5 Million Hypercar Named After A Delicious Sandwich

Impossible-to-spell-correctly-on-the-first-try supercar maker Koenigsegg recently made a one-off version of their Agera supercar for a Chinese customer. Named after a delicious sandwich, the Agera R BLT allegedly cost the owner nearly $5 million.

And now he may never see it.

The car was commissioned by an anonymous Chinese businessman that wanted something a little more special than the already exclusive Koenigsegg Agera R.


This car, dubbed the BLT after Koenigsegg's customization division, has specially colored blue carbon fiber and red accents. But when it entered China, all of that customization didn't mean anything to customs, who immediately seized the car.

It was seized because customs says it was being smuggled. That means the importation tax wasn't paid on the car. China is apparently cracking down on cars like this being smuggled. It's unclear if the owner will ever actually get the car, but if he is able to he should expect a pretty big fine for trying to skirt the tax regs.

(Hat Tip to CarNewsChina!)
Photo Credit: Koenigsegg

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