Chinese Company Takes "Green Motoring" Way Too Literally

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Chinese automaker SAIC will unveil a hilariously literal "green" car at the upcoming Beijing Motor Show. It's called the "Leaf Concept." It has in-wheel turbines and a leaf-shaped oxygen-emitting solar panel as a roof. Physics be damned!


The SAIC Leaf Concept, whose name we're pretty sure Nissan might have an issue with, is a complete flight of fancy and thumbs its stubby white nose at reality and the laws of physics. The car is powered through a combination of the leaf-shaped solar panel roof and wind turbines mounted on the wheels. Two things here will make every science nerd cry foul. Unless the Chinese company has greatly advanced solar voltaic technology there's no way a panel of those dimensions would provide sustained power, and there's no explaination of how it emits oxygen in the process. Second, apparently nobody ran the wheel-mounted wind turbines past the engineering department before kicking the concept out the door because the law of conservation of energy forbids creating power for free. The props would consume more energy in drag than they would generate in making energy. But hey, GREEN CAR! LEAVES! CHINA! (H/T to Keir)


[China Car Times]

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Flathead Smith and the Screaming Straight Pipes

I heard that it has a battery which powers an electric motor which in turn powers an alternator, that powers the aforementioned battery, which is also powered by the solar roof and wheel propellers, from which excess power is bled off to power the wheel motors. It emits roof oxygen because so much excess energy is produced.

Here's how the chemical roof mechanism works: 在這輛汽車的屋頂轉換二氧化碳成O2,通过對從一個靈魔的不可思議的豆、吸墨紙酸和願望的聯合的用途在瓶。

So take that 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.