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In a world without US automakers, someone would have to build the next Presidential limousine, right? Chinese automaker Roewe's working hard to complete this luxury barge ahead of the Shanghai show. Why not them?


Well, for starters, GM's got the current contract as evidenced by the new Cadillac One, President-elect Barack Obama's presidential limo. So while they're still, you know, around, it'll probably be them. So while not likely Roewe is building this to replace Cadillac One, the Chinese automaker's pressing ahead with this luxury sedan we expect to see unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show in April. Current intel from our friends at China Car Times suggests this new super-sedan

"will be at least 12-15cm longer than the regular Roewe 750, which is actually based off the stretched Rover 75 that SAIC bought the rights to in 2005."


Bigger? Yes. Longer? Yes. However, we just want to see how it holds up to a Gatling gun-equipped Chevy Suburban. [China Car Times]

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