China Just Made The Most Adorable Range Rover Knockoff Micro-Car

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Don't let the grille, trim pieces, lights, Land Rover badge, or BMW badges(?) fool you, the Longer Yuelang X1 is clearly a completely original design. Yessir. Definitely not a Range Rover. Hahaha look how cute!


CarNewsChina says it's "a joint venture of two rather misty companies: Hebei Cook Electric Vehicle Corporation of Hebei Province, and Jiangsu New Grant New Energy Technology Corporation of Jiangsu Province" if that means anything to you. No? Huh.

The "X1" (really?) is a low-speed electric "car" used for congested cities and getting old people around the mall I guess? Our friend Tycho at CarNewsChina told us a 3kW motor makes way at up to 30 MPH for about 75 miles before needing a recharge.


Despite having a front badge reading "RANGE," and an actual Land Rover emblem on the tailgate, this is buggy that's definitely nothing like a Range Rover, costs around $4,500. Which actually sounds like a steal considering luxury golf carts cost about four times that much here in capitalist America.


Of all the Chinese knockoffs we've seen, this has got to be the most endearing. Wonder if Land Rover's lawyers feel the same way.

Images via CarNewsChina

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