Ford Raptor Monster Golf Cart Will Destroy Sand Traps, Scare That Gopher

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If you've ever been gripped by the burning desire to turn an idillic golf course into a dirt track and ensure you never get that country club membership endorsement, this officially-licensed Ford Raptor golf cart is your weapon of choice.

Just like the tiny raptors in Jurassic Park are as scary as the big boys, this monster is... okay, it's actually a lot less aggressive than the real deal with a 19.9 MPH top speed with its electric motor or 18 horsepower Yamaha gas engine.


But says its tire size is over the "golf course limit" whatever that is, so you'll be pissing off the sailor-hat wearing country club dorks before you even rip your first donut on the putting green in this. As far as actual suspension bolstering, I don't think

This lil' Raptor is shipping out in a four or six-seat configuration, with and can be yours for about $19,000. So if you can afford this kind of nonsensery, you probably get a pass on the "tire size" rule at your golf course (though apparently a "course-compliant" variant is coming soon).

Built by Caddyshack Golf Carts, it will be sold on the company's website and through Ford's official merchandise outfit who already off Caddyshack's existing lineup of miniaturized Ford products; a golf-cart version of the Shelby Cobra, Ford Shelby GT500, Mustang Boss 302, and the Super Snake.


Images: Caddyshack

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