The year was 2003. The scene was the Detroit Auto Show. And instead of unveiling some sort of tarted up Durango as their concept car, Dodge showed off the Tomahawk, a Viper-powered motorcycle that actually ran.

Of course, it was never placed into mass production. But an enterprising Chinese fellow has built his own. It's similar to the original, but worse.


This is not an officially sanctioned project, but appears to be something made by a rogue Chinese fan of the 2003 concept bike. The motorcycle has a gas engine, super fat tires, and can actually be ridden.

There are no specs as to what amount of power it's packing, but we don't believe that it is anywhere near the 500 horsepower that the concept was packing.

We can't fault this man's obvious ingenuity. Just like Ken Imhoff and the Lamborghini he built in his own basement, the builder of this bike saw something he loved and knew he couldn't get one, so he went into business for himself and made his own.


Good for him.

(Hat Tip to Tycho and Car News China!)