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Chilean Power Company to Distribute Zap Electric Cars

Illustration for article titled Chilean Power Company to Distribute Zap Electric Cars

It makes perfect business sense — a power company responds to serious air-pollution problems by allowing customers to finance electric vehicles on their monthly electric bill. It's happening — not in California — but in Chile, where the country's largest utility company, Chilectra signed an agreement with US-based Zap to distribute a full line of the company's electric bicycles, scooters, mopeds and, presumably cars. An initial order includes the Zap Power System electric bicycle kit, the ZAPPY3 and ZAPPY3 PRO personal electric transporter, as well as the new Zapino moped class electric scooter. According to the company, Chileans spend around $30 per month using mass transit. Under the monthly payment plan, the electrical customer can own the vehicle within 36 months. No word yet on whether the plan will cover Zap's planned e-cars like the Obvio 012e (shown) or the Lotus-sourced APX concept. Of course, there's no sign of a delivery date for those, either.


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i am chilean and i didnt hear about this news...

nice job jalopnik!!! :)

and for ajpress:

chiletra... a cool brand name?? you also like our citroen "yagan" aka: "2cv-amino"...