Chief Infiniti Scientist Sebastian Vettel Tours His U.S. Labs

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Sebastian Vettel is a very important man. When he's not winning Formula One championships, he moonlights as Infiniti's Director of Performance. This means that his scientific prowess is personally and directly responsible for making sure that your next Infiniti does not completely suck to drive. Or something.


According to this not-at-all-ridiculous press release from Infiniti, immediately following his dominating win at a snoozer of a Canadian Grand Prix this weekend, Vettel was whisked away to Farmington Hills, Michigan where he conducted a rigorous inspection of Infiniti's North American Technical Center. From the release:

Sebastian Vettel said: “It would be great to meet as many of the Infiniti engineering teams as I can to learn more about what they are doing. Part of my role is helping to shape Infiniti road cars globally, and to do that I need to understand how the team here shapes important performance road car attributes like ergonomics, engine sound and noise isolation.”

That's the kind of dedication you only see with Sebastian Vettel, people. When he isn't winning races for Red Bull, his mind is on one thing and one thing only: road noise in your G37, er, Q50.

Vettel also "outlined his expectations" to Infiniti engineers about what he expects in terms of comfort from his cars.

“In my Formula One car, my seat is designed around me so I am supported and sit comfortably, and the design of the wheel means I can easily reach all of the important switches and instruments,” Vettel said. “It is exactly the same for an Infiniti road car, so I wanted to discuss driver positioning and comfort to make sure the priorities are safe control and driving enjoyment.”

You heard it from the man himself: an F1 car and the Vettel Edition FX = same thing.

Vettel then departed to give the Infiniti accounting department a few pointers, sign off on the company's latest marketing campaign, and write the press release you just read.


John Smith

Btw, Vettel's Formula 1 car is build by Red Bull engineers using a Renault engine. Nothing Infinity in there except money and the name on top... so first of all, why do they use a Renault engine and not an Infinity/Toyota one? Second thing, Infinities suck! Any 10 year old beamer is better ;)