Chicago Burb Uses Catch Phrases to Stimulate Stoppage

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Apparently, motorists blowing off stop signs is a problem in Oak Lawn, Illinois. A big enough problem, that is, to spur a course of action suggesting there may be some drinking going on at council meetings. The Chicago suburb — hometown to members of both Disturbed and REO Speedwagon — has added second stop signs under the regular ones at 50 intersections. The second signs include lighthearted addenda, like "WHOAAA" and "... and smell the roses." It's part of a campaign to get distracted drivers to notice that big, red octagon on top, which, if we remember correctly, means either "dammit, now I'm even more late for work" or "roll through slowly and hope for the best." No word yet on how well it works, but it's further proof the entire world should be on Ritalin. (Photo: AP) [Fox]


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