Chicago Auto Show Blog Launches, Parodies...Us?

So this past week the Chicago Auto Show's official web site launched with little or no fanfare its "unofficial, unfiltered, unedited, auto-show intern blog." The blog's name? "Showlopnik." Such a strange name for a blog about an auto show in Chicago, don't ya think? Showlopnik appears to be the same bile-infused random-musing generating psychotherapeutic attempt at attention-getting that is most of the automotive blogosphere. We feel like they're trying to like, you know, parody the whole zeitgeist others already have going on — and they kinda sorta do. We mean, at least they made us laugh a little when we found it earlier this week. Except, we feel like we should give them a few pointers — which we've helpfully included below the jump.

1.) You may decide it makes more sense to have your new content on top of your old content rather than your current method of stacking old under new. This helps readers coming to the site know you actually have new content to show them. Content they can click on. Click, click, click. Like change in a bank.

2.) Most almost all auto bloggers are male, but we applaud you for choosing a staff of all attractive female blonde communications majors — just don't let the wife find out. Put pictures of these attractive female blonde communications majors on your front page. Click, click, click.

3.) Before you get too established with your URL, don't pick a name that doesn't make any sense. Trust us.

4.) If you're going to break an embargo — make sure it's a product worth revealing early as you'll burn your bridges. That basically rules out any of the Chicago Auto Show unveils.

5.) Pictures, lots of pictures — in hard-to-use galleries built to expand page views and not to create a better user experience. Remember click, click...ok, forget it. Also preferably, pictures of cars and not shellfish.


Well, whether they listen or not — we tip our hats to the boys from the windy city — for having the guts to do something silly and irreverent and fun. Our only request — make fun of us better next time! [Showlopnik]

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