Chicago Auto Show: 2009 Ford Edge Sport Live

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While we already saw, the 2009 Ford Edge Sport press shots when the embargo let go, we wondered down to find the newly retrimmed Ford just hanging out for all to see. In the flesh, the Edge Sport works pretty well from a design perspective. Looks like the Edge should have been designed this way in the first place actually. Without the heavy trim colors and sporting bigger wheels to match the huge wheel wells, the Edge Sport plays the urban cruiser a little bit better.


We can't help but look on it with a little disappointment though, all that work and no additional oomph from the V6. Style has been thumping substance pretty regularly in the crossover market lately, so we're not really surprised. Doesn't make it excusable though.

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Rob Emslie

Does Ford have anything to pump up the volume on the 3.5 V-6? It'd be nice to have options from Ford Performance to switch out the intake/exhaust, re-chip, etc for this motor, but with Ford circling the drain, I doubt that's an affordable scenario at this time.

The dealers have been doing this to the Edge since its debut, so I don't see why a factory package is sponge-worthy here. I mean, it's no Pangra: []