Chevy's Super Bowl Ad Is A Thing Between A Man, A Bull And A Truck

Remember those really great ads for the 2014 Corvette and Silverado we thought were going to be Chevrolet's Super Bowl ads this year? They aren't. Chevy is instead going to be promoting at least the 2015 Silverado HD through this 60-second spot. It involves a man. And a bull. And a truck.


"Romance" featuers a man with a Silverado and a trailer buying a cow and driving it around to a place where he meets some females – the bull, not the man. I think what's happening is that the man loves his truck and respects the cow, but the bull wants to be with other cows, not the man. Or the truck. It's unclear how the truck feels about all of them, though. Is it into dudes or does it want to see other trucks?

This is how you sell trucks, right?

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