Chevy Volt Wins "Automobile of the Year" From Appropriately-Named Buff Book

Source Interlink's wearing a bowtie today as big as the dollar signs in the eyes of their ad sales team. The 2011 Chevy Volt follows up their Motor Trend "2011 Car of the Year" award with Automobile magazine's "2011 Automobile of the Year" award. By the way, given Source Interlink's creative award names, you'd almost expect Motor Trend to have a "Motoring Trend of the Year" award. Sadly, they do not. [Automobile]


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Now wait a damn minute.

How can they think that the skeptical populus of those magazine's readership isn't strapping on the wader for the waist-high bullshit that's made its way in today like that video of the tsunami?

WHAT - other than being the second, er, first US-made hybrid makes this Automocar of the Year?

Is it innovative styling? No. Is it pioneering in safety? No. Superb handling? Probably not. Well, how about car for the price? LOL. So... why?

I've tried to keep up on this car, and it's been clustered since GM grabbed the stimulus life ring. From anything i've read on this car, its what Toyota and Honda had done a decade-plus ago.

Car of the Year? Maybe in 2001.