Chevy Volt Dance: Worst. Automotive Marketing. Ever.

Ok GM, we need to talk. Your new cars are good, you've got interesting tech features and your quality's competitive. Crap like this Chevy Volt dance undermines all your efforts. We're not laughing with you, we're laughing at you.


First there was the Chevy Volt song, an embarrassingly stupid, hipsterish non-jingle which left everyone who heard it wondering where they could get a refund on the government bailout they paid for with their taxes. Now there's its accompanying stupidity — the Chevy Volt dance — straight from the floor of the LA Auto Show. Set to that same saccharine swill song, the dance offers all the hackneyed awkwardness of failed off-Broadway musical numbers with the pointless waste of time and money. There's choreographed dancers, backflips, break dancing with stalls, and YMCA-like spelled out letters. In short, it's horrible


When asked about the jingle, newly appointed vice president for sales, service and marketing Susan Docherty told a web chat today she hadn't heard of or seen the little number. We suggest Ms. Docherty hunt down whoever in Chevy Volt PR or marketing was behind this spectacle and put an immediate stop to it, otherwise all that investment in time and money will be for naught, as the Volt, engineering work of art that it may be, will be reduced to a laughing stock by perversely bad marketing. [ via AutoblogGreen]

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I caught the tail end of that at the show and I was thoroughly confused. Still not as bad as the Toyota attraction show though. They handed out dealer magnets and "premium" tin mints for the faux quiz show. Sad.