Chevy Spark Gives Precisely No Shits As It Flies Over A Bridge

Yes, that is exactly the kind of music you'd want, too, driving over an open drawbridge. AND THEN THE CAR KEEPS GOING.

I would love the carefree existence that this Sonic Spark driver in Tisno, Croatia clearly has. To drive and drive and drive, without fear of what lies in your way, be it bumps, or pedestrians, or physics. And it's not like this was a sudden thing, either, like the drawbridge had literally just raised and it's the fastest drawbridge in the world and no one would ever see that coming. The bridge is raised for a half hour at a time.


What we're seeing here, then, is someone who knows how to be alive.

UPDATE: This actually appears to be a Chevy Spark, rather than a... what was the other one? Sonic? Does anyone really care? "Anonymous Small Car Careens Over Bridge." There you go.

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