Chevy Offers Cobalt Baby's Parents A Year's Supply Of Diapers

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Amanda McBride made news this week when she gave birth while driving a Chevy Cobalt. Now Chevy is rewarding the mother with a stroller, safety seats, and a year's supply of diapers.

Northern Minnesota resident McBride was working when she felt she was about to give birth. (How's that for multitasking?) She jumped in her Chevy Cobalt and went to pick up her boyfriend Joseph, who isn't able to drive due to seizures. Before they could make it to the hospital, she heard the cry of her baby and asked Phillips to grab the wheel. She did what any mom in her situation would do: She pulled down her pants, turned up the heat, and gave birth mid-motion.


"We knew the Cobalt was designed to deliver its occupants safely, but never did we expect a delivery quite like this," said Margaret Brooks, Chevrolet Product Marketing Director, Small Cars and Crossovers.

As recognition for McBride's unconventional delivery, Chevy is offering the family a year's supply of diapers, two child safety seats, a stroller, and other supplies like bottles and formulas. It's a nice gesture. Anyone want to hazard a guess as to what you get for conceiving a baby in a Cobalt?


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87CapriceEstate feeling the winds of change

You damn idiots! You are so stupid to give them a year's supply of diapers. I know you curb stomp the environment and make money while doing it, but how about changing your policies for the new decade. Give them a free one year membership to a company that works with reusable diapers. Damn you GM.

Is the stroller a Jeep?