Chevy Dealers Are Offering $3,000 Off A Camaro If You Own A Mustang

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For the past few years in a row, the Ford Mustang has been the reigning king of sports-coupe sales in the world. The car’s looks, engine choices, price and manual transmission option are all big selling points. Sales of its competitor, the 2019 Chevrolet Camaro, aren’t doing as well, so Chevy is now offering some very, uh, targeted incentives.

Chevy and its dealers call them incentives, but I’m more inclined to use the term bribery. And the bribery incentives happen to be extremely Mustang-specific, as noticed by blog GM Authority.

Basically, if you currently have a qualifying Ford Mustang, you could get a $3,000 discount off any 2019 Camaro model of your choosing through the end of this month.


From the story:

In August, GM offered a $2,500 Chevrolet Camaro discount exclusively to Ford Mustang owners. It then did so again in September. Now, the Bow Tie brand is increasing the offer through the end of October 2019.

This Chevrolet Camaro discount is $500 more than the previous offers, for a total of $3,000 off any 2019 model for current Mustang owners.

Nationwide Chevrolet Camaro discount offers in October 2019 are as follows:

  • For Ford Mustang Owners: $3,000 total cash allowance. Must be a current owner or lessee of a Ford Mustang for at least 30 days prior to purchase. Not available with lease and some other offers.
  • For Everyone: $1,000 customer cash

The site notes Camaro sales fell 15 percent in the third quarter of 2019, and were also down in the second quarter, despite a reasonably healthy first quarter. Sales still fell behind the Mustang and the Dodge Challenger, though.


You’d need to take delivery of the new Camaro by Oct. 31, and you should definitely check with your dealer beforehand about the full disclaimers and fine print. There is a window of time for this all to happen, and it’s closing fast.

That poor Camaro. Despite offering a rad, highlighter yellow coat of paint, the 2019 face gave nearly everyone pause to the point where Chevy was scrambling to fix it. (It did for the 2020 model year.)


When asked for comment, a Chevrolet spokesperson responded, “Through September and October, Chevrolet is offering current Mustang owners and lessees a $2,000 discount on a new Camaro. This can be added to nationwide consumer cash incentives available to all Camaro customers, which was $500 in September and is $1,000 in October. Consumers in select markets will also see an additional $1,000 in consumer cash this month. We are seeing good sales of Camaro so far this fall and expect that to continue.”

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