They Fixed the Chevrolet Camaro’s Face

The 2020 Chevrolet Camaro SS’ face.
Image: Chevrolet

The Chevrolet Camaro has so many faces it could be a government spy, and, because the more the better, Chevy is giving it another guise for another model year. The 2020 SS and a new LT1 performance trim will get their own new faces, which are slightly different from the myriad of Camaro faces that already exist.

Which Camaro is that, behind you at the stoplight? You may never know. Don’t say any that could get you in trouble.

The 2020 Camaro LT1's face.
Image: Chevrolet

Chevy announced the new faces and trim for the 2020 Camaro, which will go on sale in early fall, on Thursday, with Camaro’s SS versions, above, getting a front end similar to the ones from 2019. Then, there’s the new LT1 trim that’ll get a 455-horsepower V8 and a face, pictured to the right, reminiscent of the cheapest four 2019 Camaro trims for a base MSRP of $34,995.

But those statements mean nothing without memorizing the Camaro’s many faces. Via the 2019 configurator, the lowest four main trims—the 1LS, 1LT, 2LT and 3LT, which offer either a 275-HP turbocharged four-cylinder engine or a 335-HP V6 among them—have the same general look as the car on the left. The one in the middle represents the look of the 455-HP, V8 SS models, and the car on the right is the top Camaro ZL1 trim with a 650-HP V8.

The Camaro 3LT (left), Camaro SS (middle) and Camaro ZL1 (right).
Image: Chevrolet

The new V8 LT1 trim, then, will look like the fewer-cylinder LT trims below it in the lineup, while the 2020 SS model will have a colored centerpiece on the grille instead of a black one, along with a far better positioned bowtie emblem. While the Camaro’s face is a thing of controversy these days, though, that wasn’t the only thing Chevrolet wanted to call attention to for 2020.

The announcement said for the 2020 model year, 3.6-liter V6 Camaros will now get an available 10-speed automatic transmission based on the auto offered on the Camaro SS and ZL1, and gave details on the new LT1 trim that’ll be the new cheapest V8 model in the Camaro lineup.


That trim will come in both coupe and convertible options, with a 455-HP LT1 engine and a starting price of less than $35,000 including destination fees. It can have either a six-speed manual or an optional 10-speed automatic transmission.

The LT1 also comes with 20-inch all-season tires and an available touchscreen infotainment system that measures eight inches diagonally. Chevy also mentioned the 2020 model will get a Rally Green color option, not to be confused with the Highlighter Yellow currently offered, and said all models will now have available red seat belts, red kneepads and alloy pedals. Trim-specific changes are listed here.


But, of course, most of us probably won’t be able to decipher all of the changes from the outside—mainly because there are as many Camaro looks these days as there are patterns of snowflakes. Perhaps that’s just part of the disguise.

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