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Chevy Considers Return Of The El Camino

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

One year after GM killed the latest reincarnation of the El Camino — the Pontiac G8 ST — we've learned that the "Ute" still may live. And if it does, it'll be a Chevy.


When writing up our story on rumors out of Australia that Chevy would potentially get a rear wheel drive Zeta-platformed sedan, we hinted at our desire to have them also bring over a version of the loved-by-many Holden Commodore Ute — or even the Chevrolet Lumina SS Ute (pictured above) from South Africa. It looks like GM might have been listening.


We've now learned from three sources that the General's product planners are noodling the idea of bringing the "Ute" to the United States. The vehicle would absolutely be a Chevy and would more than likely carry the "El Camino" name.

We're also hearing it will only happen as part of a larger strategy of ensuring sales are high enough across multiple vehicles and brands to ensure success of GM's next-generation RWD platform. Whether this platform will be the much-anticipated Alpha platform expected to underpin the next-generation Camaro, CTS and ATS, or a new version of the Zeta platform remains to be seen.

A source outside of GM but with strong knowledge of GM's future product plans told us they'd expect to see the "Ute" return — if it's fully greenlit — as a 2015 model year vehicle, released in the 2014 calendar year.