Chevrolet Tells Corvette Z06 Owners To Change Oil After First 500 Miles

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The 2015 Corvette Zo6 is a tire shredding, exotic-slaying monster on the track and the street, but it’s had a few issues out of the gate. Some owners have reported serious engine issues and one journalist experienced complete engine failure during a test. To prevent damage, Chevrolet is telling owners to change their oil after only 500 miles.


Our friends at TTAC got a statement from a General Motors spokesperson who said that contaminants in the oil can cycle through the engine during the break-in period. He said less than one percent of the 9,000 Z06 models on the road have experienced engine problems. However, Chevrolet is recommending that all owners change their oil as soon as the vehicle reaches the 500 mile mark.

“We now encourage all owners to change their oil at 500 miles to remove possible contaminants created during the engine break-in process. And, as always, we encourage the use of Mobil 1 synthetic oil – which is a factory fill for all Z06 models, and Stingray Z51 models – and encourage owners to follow the engine break-in process detailed in the owner’s manual,” stated Monte Doran, spokesman for Chevrolet.


Chevrolet is also upgrading its manufacturing process to reduce the risk of contaminants in the oil for cars just leaving the factory.

In the meantime, if you are the owner of a brand new Z06, go easy on the burnouts until you get some fresh oil in the engine.

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Something’s a little fishy, here. I noticed the oil fill caps on the last couple C7s that went through our dealership have had simple ‘5-30 Dexos’ on their fill caps. I thought that was unusual since most LS engines in Vettes have had ‘Mobil 1’ on their fill caps for years.

So I just checked the dry-sump fill cap on the LT4 in our current Z06........

It says ‘5-30 Dexos’. Not ‘Mobil 1’

Is somebody at the factory putting the wrong oil in these things??