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Who's nose is that, anyway? Why it's that of the 2008 Chevrolet Malibu, the Epsilon-platform midsize that's been subjected to a complete comb over. Gone are the crisp creases that defined the prior model, in favor of a new, more curvilinear body shape with a longer hood and shorter deck. That dual-port grille — bisected by a sturdy center line — Chevrolet says, represents the brand's new face (in this case, the electric shaver to the Ford Fusion's safety razor). GM already released a shot of the Malibu's newly rehabbed interior that allegedly relies less on craptastic plastics than previous models. We'll see the whole car in Detroit, where we'll perform the "knock test" on its naughty bits.

BREAKING: New Chevy Malibu Interior Less Craptacular [internal]


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