Chery to Build QQ, Tiggo in Uraguay

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Chinese automaker Chery has teamed up with Argentine groupe Socma to build two models in Uraguay, presaging the invasion of the Sinomobiles in North America. The venture includes building both the QQ and the Tiggo SUV. The venture will be 51% backed by Chery, and the company with sell the South American-built models in the Mercosur trade bloc. The cars will be built in a plant owned by Socma, which constructed Peugeots and Fiats in the 1990s. Man, talk about a post with a complete lack of humor. Sheesh.


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combat chuck

I grew up across the river in Buenos Aires. It's "Uruguay", and there's no alternate English spelling. While I'm on the subject, the country of Colombia is never spelled "Columbia". Now, back to cars, why is a Chinese car company outsourcing their manufacturing? It took American automakers decades to get to that point.