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Check Out This Drone’s-Eye-View Of The Tesla Gigafactory

Construction of Tesla’s massive battery factory in Nevada is chugging along, with the roof nearly complete and what appears to be four main sections spanning some five million square feet. It’s properly massive, and this drone shot it in 4K to give you sense of the scale.


The video was apparently made by someone involved in Reno real estate, with a line thanking Elon Musk and Tesla for bringing jobs back to the that part of the country at the end of the clip. There’s also an ad for a real estate site in the description, so – hey! – the drone’s a write-off.

The shooter used a DJI Phantom 3 Professional quadrocopter guided by GPS to make the 2-minute flick of the Gigafactory that’s set to employ over 6,500 people churning out 55 gigawatt-hours of lithium ion battery cells every year.


But what’s more impressive is how massive the building is, dwarfing cranes and earthmovers and making portapotties look like tiny blue pixels.

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On a side note, does anyone know if they make a fake charging connector/adapter that slips into a unleaded filler tube? I’d like to be able to park my truck for free in the charging stations near my office.