Earlier today, Mercedes called Charlie Sheen to tell him his Mercedes was at the bottom of a cliff along Mulholland Drive. Sheen left the keys inside and garage open and a thief nicked it, then apparently crashed it for giggles.

Early this morning, witnesses spotted a Mercedes go over the side of the road off Mulholland Drive, and reported it to the LAPD, who responded to the crash. About the same time Charlie Sheen was awoken by a phone call from Mercedes (KTLA is calling it Onstar, which, apparently, has become the Kleenex of telematics systems) informing him his car had been involved in an accident and the airbags had gone off. Turns out someone had stolen Sheen's car out of his open garage and it was really easy, because the keys were inside. The thief then took off down nearby Mulholland Drive and crashed soon after. Nobody was found at the scene and the hunt is on for whoever was behind the wheel. All of this is currently in the "alleged" status so the story may turn out differently, at the very least it'll provide fodder for late night comics to make a joke about "Two and a Half Men." [KTLA]b