Challengerwatch: Mission Accomplished!

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From Alex, aka "Hitman__," over at the ChallengerTalk forum: "There you have it. Visual of the keys in my possession of the SRT8 deal that Glenn E. Thomas Dodge honored for $29.1K..." We love it when a plan comes together.

Congrats to Alex for getting his steal-of-a-deal and kudos to Glenn E. Thomas Dodge for doing the right thing and honoring the terms of the eBay auction. This is a dealership getting our stamp of approval for making sure an enthusiast gets his car as promised.

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Am I the only one who isn't pleased as punch about this? Someone made a very expensive mistake, and someone may lose a job or a big bonus as a result. Someone is being royally screwed by this - to say nothing about how much Chrysler dealerships these days need all the money they can get.

Okay, fine, so the guy has a legal right to the car, but his purchase was based entirely on a mistake. Righteous anger has its place when a customer has been deceived, but this guy harassed and pursued something that was clearly a mistake - who here believes that the dealership was scamming him deliberately?

Just look at it from the dealer's point of view for two seconds and you'll understand why I'm uncomfortable with this. I might say "fuck the big bad corporation" if it were a smaller amount of money or a less embattled industry, but maybe somebody just didn't know how to use a computer, and as a result they're out $15,000.

I don't think that the dealership isn't "doing the right thing" by giving him the car, but I also don't think all the anger and vitriol directed towards it is justified. If I were that guy, I'd probably just let the car go, because we know how things work: through some justification, someone will catch hell for the $15,000, whether through a lost job or some other severe consequences, and I wouldn't be happy with that on my conscience. More power to him if he can enjoy the car knowing that, but I couldn't.