Challengerwatch: Dealership, Buyer Sitting Down Saturday

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Everyone involved in the eBay'd $29,100 Challenger SRT8's been pointing fingers and denying fault, with nothing being resolved. Now, both dealer and bidder tell us they'll be sitting down to possibly work things out on Saturday. We'll be watching.

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I have to say, I hope the buyer isn't a dick and is willing to negotiate on the price.

The dealer clearly had a screwup on the ebay listing (whether they screwed up or ebay did is currently irrelevant), and stands to loose a lot on this car.

If the dealer is willing to come down to or below their actual cost on the car the buyer should be willing to go for that. He would still be getting the price of the year on a Challenger, and wouldn't be screwing over the dealer.

Saying "F the dealer, he won the auction at that price!" is fun, but at some point it makes you a bigger ass than you are claiming the dealer to be.