Challenger SRT8-Driving "Blonde Bombshell" Revealed As G4TV's Alison Haislip

Remember when we saw that black Dodge Challenger SRT8 making some runs at Irwindale Speedway? Remember the unknown "blonde bombshell" at the wheel last week? Well, it's confirmed — she is a bombshell, and now she's no longer "unknown." Turns out it was Alison Haislip of G4TV doing a bit of test dragging with Chrsylerberus' new Mopar muscle car. Here we get to see her take a stab at a Shelby Mustang that almost loses it into the wall while losing to a girl — well, at least that's what it looks like from the editing. We're just stuck wondering how a bunch of tech nerds got their hands on one of these before us. Hey Dodge, are you listening? [G4TV]



Whoa there, fellas! I hate to be the voice of reason, but some of you should go back and read Al Navarro, particularly the paragraphs captioned "Do your part to make Jalopnik a club of gentlemen, not a 'gentlemen's club'."

Yeah, she's a girl. Yeah, she's attractive. Head over to sibling blog Fleshbot, blow off, and then come back when you can stop talking about her tits.