Hey, crazy American work blog reader! Do you need something to spice in your coffee? Why not spend weakening Georgi Washingtons on real ride, like fine East European tank or float surplus? Liberate your mall when weekend comes!

Mortar Investments of Czech Republic has the license from government to despise conveyance loitering from the Colder War. Prices as accessible as the plains of Poland, and we care to arrange delivery for civilians who collect or custom. Rides ripe for bedonking!

Until you ride Ural K-750, you are a virgin to intercourse with comfort. Finest Soviet engineering and duplication of BMW design create durability for trail and town. Decades of ride testing by caring troop already accomplished. Also attached mother-in-law apartment.


Here is puff cream Tatra T-813 8x8 for not crack price. Cylinders 12 to the front, with power to tow 100 tons, or casting call for "Biggest Loser." Snowplow, missile launcher, bridge over trouble water - all can do! Be George Peppard, and take your family vacation in Damnation Alley.


"Hey Bob Jim, what are you up to?" "Nothing man, just a hanging on my pontoon boat." "Ha ha, your pontoon boat looks like oildrum Cuba escape pod! This is a pontoon boat." GSP-55 only one of its type in Czech Republic. Haul your other military transports amphibically for party all time. Maybe you meet the Lohan?


Call now! Operators bystanding!

(H/t to Eric/XMC) [Mortar Investments]