Celebrate The Olympics With A 1972 Ford Mustang Sprint

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With the Olympics kicking off, let's rewind to 1972 and take a look at some special "Sprint" edition Fords built to commemorate both the XX Olympiad in Munich, Germany and the XI Winter Games in Sapporo, Japan. The Sprint option was an appearance package on the '72 Pinto, Maverick, and Mustang. Of course, with the Soviet Union claiming first place in the medal count in both Munich and Sapporo (the US placed 2nd and 5th respectively), and that whole "Munich Massacre" thing, the '72 Olympics weren't exactly the best games to commemorate. But then, with the Pinto's explosive reputation, it brings a whole new definition to the Olympic Torch.


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When I was a kid my dad had a Pinto Sprint hatchback. While it wasn't all that powerful it handled very nice and had what was probably the nicest interior ever put in a Pinto. My dad actually traded a 1922 Model T Depot Hack even-over for the Pinto! My dad put 55,000 miles on the Pinto over the next several years and then sold it for $1800 and a '68 Toyota Corona which we later sold for $900. Given that the Pinto wasn't much more than $2000 or so new that meant that we actually made a profit on it! Oh yeah though it's been 36 years the Model T still sits in the local Ford dealer's showroom to this day!